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Quests by Reward

A listing of quests which result in a single, specific, and highly desirable item which is not class specific.

Quest Starts In Level Reward
Paw of Opolla Quest Qeynos Aqueducts 29 Paw of Opolla
Hero Bracers Quest Ak'Anon 30 Hero Bracers
The Mystic Cloak Felwithe 30 Mystic Cloak
Leatherfoot Raiders Rivervale 20 Leatherfoot Raider Skullcap
Testament of Vanear Quest Qeynos 15 Testament of Vanear
Journeyman's Boots Quest Rathe Mountains 32 Journeyman's Boots
Exotic Drinks Oggok 12 Stein of Moggok
Aegis of Life Quest Northern Karana 35 Aegis of Life
Werewolf Skin Cloak Quest Everfrost Peaks 32 Werewolf Skin Cloak
Thex Mallet Quest Neriak Third Gate 20 Thex Mallet
Thex Mallet Quest Neriak Third Gate 20 Reaper of the Dead
Thex Mallet Quest Neriak Third Gate 20 Ring of the Dead
Gem Inlaid Gauntlets Quest South Qeynos 30 Gem Inlaid Gauntlets
Vampire Teeth Mistmoore 32 Electrum-Bladed Wakizashi
Darkwood Staff Quest The Temple of Solusek Ro 35 Darkwood Staff
White Dragonscale Cloak Quest Rathe Mountains 45 White Dragonscale Cloak
Red Dragonscale Armor Quest Rathe Mountains 45 Red Dragonscale Armor
Mirgon Dower's Head Kurn's Tower 20 The Skull of Torture
Words of Darkness Quest The Temple of Solusek Ro 35 Words of Darkness
Bonethunder Staff Quest Qeynos 20 Bonethunder Staff
Dragon Scales Quest Firiona Vie 45 Wurmslayer
Lynuga's Gem Collection Innothule Swamp 1 Brutechopper
Lynuga's Gem Collection Innothule Swamp 1 Midnight Mallet
Lynuga's Gem Collection Innothule Swamp 1 Ivandyr's Hoop
First Test of Kejaar Toxxulia Forest 20 Kejaar Totem
Second Test of Kejaar Toxxulia Forest 30 Sejah Ghulam Bracer
The Acolyte Rivervale 14 Acolyte's Anklet
Bladed Weapons Greater Faydark 1 Tarnished scimitar
Gnomish Toy Kerra Island 21 Kerran Toy

Progression Quests

These are multi-stage quests, where each stage requires the result from the previous part, and the reward gets progressively better.

Quest Starts In 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
Qeynos Badge Quests North Qeynos Investigator's Badge Interrogator's Badge Researcher's Badge Qeynos Badge of Honor
Monk Sash Quests Freeport White Training Sash Yellow Sash of Order Orange Sash of Order Red Sash of Order Purple Sash of Order Blue Sash of Order
Monk Headband Quests Qeynos White Headband Yellow Headband Orange Headband Red Headband Purple Headband
Monk Shackle Quests East Cabilis Shackle of Clay Shackle of Stone Shackle of Rock Shackle of Copper Shackle of Bronze Shackle of Steel Shackle of Scale
Necromancer Skullcap Quests East Cabilis Apprentice Skullcap - 1st Rank Apprentice Skullcap - 2nd Rank Apprentice Skullcap - 3rd Rank Dark Binder Skullcap Occultist Skullcap Revenant Skullcap Sorcerer Skullcap Necromancer Skullcap
Crusader's Tests (SK) East Cabilis Knave's Khukri Squire's Khukri Knight's Khukri Zealot's Khukri Crusader's Khukri Hero's Khukri Lord of Pain's Khukri
Warrior Pike Quests East Cabilis Militia's Pike Footman's Pike Soldier's Pike Trooper's Pike Legionnaire's Mancatcher Champion's Mancatcher Warlord Mancatcher
Shaman Skull Quests East Cabilis Iron Cudgel of the Clairvoyant Iron Cudgel of the Seer Iron Cudgel of the Mystic Iron Cudgel of the Prophet Iron Cudgel of the Channeler
Coldain Prayer Shawl Quests Thurgadin Burlap Coldain Prayer Shawl Cloth Coldain Prayer Shawl Woven Coldain Prayer Shawl Fur-Lined Coldain Prayer Shawl Silk Coldain Prayer Shawl Embroidered Coldain Prayer Shawl Runed Coldain Prayer Shawl
Coldain Ring Quests Eastern Wastes Copper Coldain Insignia Ring Silver Coldain Insignia Ring Gold Coldain Insignia Ring Platinum Coldain Insignia Ring Obsidian Coldain Insignia Ring Mithril Coldain Insignia Ring Adamantium Coldain Insignia Ring Velium Coldain Insignia Ring Coldain Hero's Insignia Ring Ring of Dain Frostreaver IV

Faction and Newbie Quests

These are quests generally intended for beginners (levels 1-10), mainly resulting in a small coin or experience reward. A side effect, often of interest to higher level players, is the possibility to do easy faction work.

  • See individual city pages for a quick listing of newbie quests in that area.

Faction Related Quests

As above, but primarily useful for their faction hits.

All Positive Faction quests

Main article: All Positive Faction Quests

Repeatable Experience Quests

WARNING: All level ranges below are from memory, and need to be verified