Innothule Swamp

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Innothule Swamp is the ancient home of the Trolls. Dank and soggy, it's the perfect place for the Trolls to call home. Located in the very southern edge of Antonica, it lies beyond the Southern Desert of Ro and adjacent to The Feerrott, home of the Ogres.

Level of Monsters: 1-10, 25-30
Types of Monsters: Large Rats, Giant Rats, Decaying Skeletons, Skeletons, Zombies, Lesser Mummies, Snakes, Large Snakes, Young Water Moccasins, Water Moccasins, Giant Moccasins, Swamp Alligators, Bull Alligators, Lesser Kobolds, Kobold Hunters, Burly Kobolds, Froglok Scouts, Froglok Ghouls, Fetid Froglok Ghouls, Larval Bleeder, Feral Bleeder, Tough Skinned Larvae, Fungus Man Watchers, Fungus Man Trackers, a shadowed man
Notable NPCs: Bunk Oden, Jojoojojgogogoguna, Jyle Windstorm, Jojongua, Zimbittle, a troll slayer, Spore Guardian, Lynuga
Unique Items: Netted Armor, Woven Armor, Mesh Armor
Related Quests: Lynuga's Gem Collection
Adjacent Zones: Grobb, Upper Guk, Southern Desert of Ro, The Feerrott
Name in /who: innothule
Zone Spawn Timer: 6:40
ZEM Value: 75 (100%)


  • 1. Tower, Home of Jojongua and Fetid Froglok Ghouls
  • 2. High level monsters (froglok foragers and kobold hunters)
  • 3. Stone Hand where shaman spell vendor Stragak is located
  • 4. Stone Hand with shadowmen
  • 5. Froglok Hunting Grounds
  • 6. Ruined Ferry
  • 7. Submerged Hut
  • 8. Newbie Area


For young and experienced characters alike, Innothule Swamp can be a deadly place due to its many aggressive monsters, many of whom will assist each other and dogpile you. Add to this the generally low PC population here, it's remarkably easy to find oneself swarmed with little notice.

Another danger in Innothule is the swamp itself. Unless you are a very good swimmer, you never want to find yourself trapped by deep water. Most of the creatures in the swamp are VERY good swimmers, making fleeing even more hazardous if swimming is required. Generally avoid the deep water and stick to the zone edges.

There are a few human NPCs that patrol near Guk that are aggressive and aren't particularly fond of the "evil" races. Be alert for these unless you are around 10th level. Also, if you come from The Feerrott and going to Grobb following walls, at loc -2597, 175 you'll find Dark Deathsinger and he's KOS to all dark races (you will see many corpse near him).


Innothule is a great area to hunt with its variety of monsters, high creature population, and great treasure. A troll never has to wander far from home to find adventure. Characters can easily hunt the swamp up to 8th or 9th level, and Guk offers higher level prey and even greater treasure.

Traveling To and From

From the North, Innothule Swamp is reached through the Southern Desert of Ro which lies south of Freeport. This can be a dangerous place, and probably shouldn't be travelled by those less than about 6th or 7th level.

From the west, Innothule Swamp is entered by coming out of The Feerrott, home of the Ogres. This area lies south of Karana and Qeynos.

To the east is Guk, ancient home of the Frogloks. A particularly stunning dungeon with many dangers and rewards...

What's in this zone?

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