Highpass Hold

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Highpass Hold (sometimes referred to as Highhold Pass) is a mountain pass on a route from Qeynos to Freeport, guarded by the valiant guards of High Keep. Orcs and gnolls have patrols that run up to the foot of the Keep itself, and the brave Highpass citizens have carved out their homes out of the gulleys and nooks.

Level of Monsters: 12-22
Types of Monsters: Gnolls of various types, Gnolls, Gnoll Soothsayers, Gnoll Flamepaws, Gnoll Shamans, Orc Soldier, Orc Conscript, Orc Warriors, Orc Medics, Orc Acolytes, Orc Scout, Orc Mercenary, Orc Fanatic, Orc Shamans
Notable NPCs: Cyrla Shadowstepper, Dyllin Starsine, Hagnis Shralok, Recfek Shralok, Vopuk Shralok, Vexven Mucktail, Grenix Mucktail, Barn Bloodstone
Unique Items: Polished Granite Tomahawk, Shralok Pack, Cracked Darkwood Shield, Shiny Brass Halberd, Shiny Brass Idol
Related Quests: Orc Scalp Collecting, Gnoll Scalp Collecting, The Bayle List,Testament of Vanear Quest
Adjacent Zones: Eastern Plains of Karana, Kithicor Forest, High Keep
Name in /who: highpass
Zone Spawn Timer: 5:00
ZEM Value: 80 (107%)



Highpass Hold is dangerous to lower level adventurers because of the high level gnolls and orcs that are frequently found just inside either entrance. The orcs control the southern entrance and are more powerful than the gnolls that command the northern entrance. Rarely do the guards venture this far out in order to keep their area safe, so the traveller must either travel invisibly or quickly, or hope that some other adventurers are hunting these creatures to keep the area safe.

The other danger to the zone is a group of NPC's that have set up a camp in a small nook directly out from the gates of the city. They are highly aggressive to any traveller, although for some reason the guards of the city turn a blind eye to their presence. There is also a secret area of bandits that can be found if you swim under the bridge by the Tiger's Roar. These are mostly bandits interested in only their own dealings, and are generally not hostile.


This zone's biggest attraction is as a stopping off point for people travelling from one end of Antonica to the other. Most of the people here are either just passing through or on their way to the Keep for some rare item or spell.

There is also something of an economy here at the foot of the Keep. Out of the six buildings, three of them contain bars (there apparently isn't much to do up here except drink) and there is also good support for a variety of trade skills, especially brewing and pottery, as all the equipment and materials for these can be found here. There are also several good inns in the area.

Traveling To and From

Coming from Freeport an adventurer reaches Kithicor Forest before passing into the southern edge of Highpass Hold. Out of the eastern edge of Highpass Hold lies High Keep. From the northern edge of the Hold one passes into Eastern Plains of Karana and winds their way down a long, narrow gorge until finally reaches the Plains of Karana.

What's in this zone?

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