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Neriak is the center of the Dark Elven empire, and is a splendid, dark city that lies carved out of the mountians next to the Nektulos Forest. No natural light has ever seen their homeland, and the dark elves thrive and flourish in their city. All manner of evil races, including the Trolls and Ogres, can be found within. Most of these are restricted to the Foreign Quarter, where the dark elves trade with the outside world. The deeper parts of the city house many of the city's shops, guild halls, and homes.

The Third Gate of Neriak is the home of the Cleric guildhall, the Rogue guildhall and the Necromancer and Shadow Knight guildhall. Neriak's library also resides in the Third Gate. It is the deepest part of Neriak.

City Races: Dark Elf
Guilds: Cleric, Enchanter, Magician, Necromancer, Rogue, Shadow Knight, Shaman, Warrior, Wizard
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel, Forge, Kiln, Oven, Pottery Wheel, Fletching Kit items and equipment for all but Tinkering
Related Quests:
Adjacent Zones: Nektulos Forest
Name in /who: neriaka (Foreign Quarter), neriakb (Commons), neriakc (Third Gate), neriakd (Palace)
ZEM Value 100 (133%)


Neriak Foreign Quarter

  • 1. Guard Hall
  • 2. The Smugglers Inn - Merchants selling Alcohol, Brewing Supplies, Food Items and other goods
  • 3. Silk Underground - Merchants Small and Large Cloth Armor and Sewing Kits, loom.
  • 4. Dranas Bread and Butcher - Merchants selling Food Items and Baking Supplies, Oven outside
  • 5. Slug's Tavern - Merchants selling Alcohol, Food and Other Goods, Brew Barrel outside
  • 6. Market View with Gambel's Greens with Merchant selling Potions and Crystals
  • 7. Merchants who sell Shoes and Bags, as well as Kiln and Pottery Wheel
  • 8. Merchant outside who sells Various Weapons
  • 9. Two Ogres who sell all Blacksmithing books, Large Chainmail Patterns, Weapon Part Molds, File Molds and other Molds
  • 10. Armor Shop selling Large Chainmail Armor and sewing patterns. Forge outside
  • 11. Pig Stickers - Merchants selling Various Weapons, Forge outside
  • 12. Building with secret entrance to Underground and Troll NPC
  • 13. Merchant selling Food and Alcohol
  • 14. Merchants selling Weapons, Shaman Spells, Shadow Knight Spells, Shaman Trainers
    • Note: Shaman guild is not present yet.
  • 15. PvP Area, Merchants who sell Food and other Goods, Various Weapons, and Alcohol
  • 16. Bites n Pieces - Merchants selling Food Items and other Goods, Oven outside
  • 17. Shinie Tings - Merchant selling Jewelry Metals and Rare Gems

Neriak Commons

  • 1. Priest of Discord
  • 2. Entrance to Neriak Down Under - found within is the Neriak Bank -- The Burnished Coin, The Refined Palate, The Bounty of the Earth, and The Blind Fish. These places sell between them: Sharpening Stones, Clay, Ore, Smithy Hammers, Weapons Blade Molds, Alcohol, Food Items and other Books, Baking Supplies, Potions and Crystals. Also has Brew Barrel and Oven.
  • 3. Smithy - Merchants selling Small Chain Armor and Various Weapons
  • 4. Adamant Armor - Merchant who sells Small Plate Armor, Forge outside
  • 5. Forge House with jewelry merchants upstairs.
  • 6. Wizard, Magician, and Enchanter Guild Hall - Merchants selling all items for those classes
  • 7. Toadstools - Merchants selling Alcohol and Small Armor Molds, Fishing Supplies outside
  • 8. The Bleek Fletcher - Merchant selling Fletching supplies (arrows)
  • 9. The House of D'abth - Merchant selling Food Items and other Goods
  • 10. The Dashing Form - Merchant selling Small Cloth Armor, Sewing Kits and Patterns
  • 11. Warrior Guild Hall with merchants who sell Weapons and Alcohol

Note: This map is missing a secret area behind the waterfall north of #1, and a Wizard Rod spawns as well.

Neriak Third Gate

  • 1. Temple of Innoruuk - Cleric Guild Hall, Merchants selling Blunt Weapons, Merchant selling Fuligan Soulstone of Innoruuk (reagent for Alter Plane: Hate), Verina Tomb
  • 2. Necromancer and Shadow Knight Guild Hall - Merchants selling appropriate equipment for these classes
  • 3. Library - Merchants selling Various Spells, including Wizard Portal spells, Enchanter Vision and Enchant metal spells, and Magician Summon spells
  • 4. Furrier Royale - Merchant selling Small Leather Armor, Patterns and Kit
  • 5. Rogue Guild Hall with Merchants selling Rogue Weapons
  • 6. The Maidens Fancy - Merchants selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel inside, also has Dark Elf Ambassador and Ironforge Prisoner
  • 7. The Bauble - Merchant selling Gems for Jewelcraft
  • 8. Cuisine Excelsior - Merchants selling Alcohol, Oven outside
  • 9. The Rack - Merchant selling Wine
  • 10. Merchant outside selling Small Plate and Shield Molds. Forge around the corner.
  • 11. X'Lottl Private Mansion
  • 12. J'Narus Private Mansion with Merchant selling Adamantite and Chain Patterns

Third Gate Points of Interest

Cleric Guild

The cleric guild is housed in a grand building made of white marble. Its importance is such that it has been apportioned its own cavern. The guild proper is surrounded by water which serves to drown unworthy initiates whose aspirations are far too feeble for the Lord of Hate's plans.

The cleric guild master is best reached by entering from the east. Once inside, take the first right, then immediately turn left and follow the short hallway to the wall before you. Open the door on the right-hand side and turn left around the corner. Perrir Zexus, attended by Friz Punox and Svlia C'Luzz, will initiate you into the dark healing arts.

Rogue Guild

The rogue guild is located in the southern part of the Third Gate. It is accessed by taking a diagonal right after passing through the first small gate. The entrance to the guild itself is indicated by two helmed statues in backstab-ready stances. Atop the entryway sits a proud, angular dragon. The rogue guild master, Hekzin G'Zule, is located in the bottom of the guild opposite Pazin Punox. Lockpicks and sundry rogue wares can also be purchased from the merchants within.

Necromancer/Shadow Knight Guild

Located in the north part of Third Gate, it is readily apparent as a large red blockish building subtly decorated with skulls across its exterior. Upon entry you're faced with a hallway which splits off to the left and right, both leading into a central room containing Necromancer and Shadowknight GMs. Behind this, on each side of the hallway, is a set of Merchants and steps to the 2nd floor. The second floor has a merchant and two more necromancer GMs, along with steps up to the third floor. Here at the top is the head of the Necromancer's guild, Noxhil V'sek.

"The Eye" - a Neriak landmark.


The Library contains merchants selling Enchanter spells for enchantment of metals, Wizard portal spells, and Magician summoning spells. The library can be safely reached by enchanters using the Illusion: Dark Elf spell.

Surrounding Areas

Neriak lies off of the Nektulos Forest, a barely alive forest that is continuously in the dark from the smoke drifting down from the volcanic Lavastorm Mountains to the north. To the south of the forest lies the Commonlands and the homes of their enemies, the humans.

Traveling To and From Neriak

Neriak can be reached only by travellng through the Nektulos Forest to its well-guarded entrance. To the north of the forest lies the broken Lavastorm Mountains and the lair of the great dragon, Lord Nagafen, as well as the Temple of Solusek Ro. To the south of the forest lies East Commonlands, and from them the human cities of Freeport, Highhold Keep, and the lands beyond.


In light of the disappearance of any historians documenting Neriak, it is the informed decision of this sage to leave things as they are.

Local Color


Neriak is a twisted, but beautiful, city, carved out of the earth millenia ago. Magic and excellent artisanship have lit up the city with glowing neon-colored lights, and fountains and monuments to the god of the dark elves, Innoruuk, fill the city.


The city of Neriak, for all of its beauty, is filled with danger, as befits its occupants. Stepping into the wrong place in any part of the city can easily get you killed, and this is especially true for the Trolls and Ogres, who, although guests, are not welcome everywhere. This could be from some degree of superiority on the dark elves part, and also because of the plot the dark elves are hatching, lying barely hidden beneath the surface of the city.

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