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The high elven city of Felwithe located in the south eastern corner of Greater Faydark.

Felwithe is the legendary city of the high elves, which rises out of the fog of Greater Faydark as one of the most wonderful cities in all of Norrath. Its golden walls give off a faint glow all their own, and the peaceful city attracts many visitors from abroad.

City Races: High Elf, Half Elf
Guilds: Cleric, Enchanter, Magician, Paladin, Wizard
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel, Kiln, Oven, Pottery Wheel, Forge
Related Quests:
Adjacent Zones: Greater Faydark
Name in /who: felwithea (North), felwitheb (South)
ZEM Value: 100 (133%)


North Felwithe

  • 1. Paladin Guild - Merchant selling Weapons, Priest of Discord, Secret Tunnels to Ramparts
  • 2. Tovanik's Venom - Merchant selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel
  • 3. Traveller's Home - Inn
  • 4. Shop of All Holos - Merchants selling Food, Bags, Cloth Armor, Gems, Mithril Ore and Chainmail Patterns.
  • 5. Beyond Faydark - Merchant selling Food and other goods.
  • 6. Cleric Guild - Merchants selling Blunt Weapons.
  • 7. Faydark's Bane - Merchants selling Swords, Fletching and Sewing Kits, Fletching Supplies, Leather Armor and Patterns, Pottery Wheel and Kiln outside
  • 8. Emerald Armor - Merchants selling Chain/Plate Armor, Weapons, Shields, Smithing Molds, Koada'Dal Forge inside
  • 9. Felwithe Keeper - Bank
  • 10. Bait and Tackle - Merchant selling Fishing Supplies
  • 11. Felwithe Fish House - Merchant sells Food and Drinks, outside Merchant sells Jewelry Supplies (Rare Gems), Oven outside.

South Felwithe

  • 1. Teleporter Room to and from Guild Halls
  • 2. Wizard Guild - Merchants selling Wizard spells
  • 3. Magician Guild - Merchants selling Magician spells
  • 4. Enchanter Guild - Merchants selling Enchanter spells and reagents.
  • 5. Merchants selling Cloth Armor and Sewing Kits, Jewelry Supplies (Common Gems), Common Spells, Potions and Crystals, Loom inside

Surrounding Areas

Greater Faydark is the forest that Felwithe lies within. From there, high elves may access Butcherblock Mountains and the lands beyond, Lesser Faydark, or the orc lair of Crushbone.

Traveling To and From Felwithe

Felwithe's entrance lies due east of the pass from the Butcherblock Mountains, along a path that winds its way around the periphery of Greater Faydark. Lesser Faydark is through a pass halfway between Butcherblock and Felwithe, and there are a set of transportation towers along that path.

To the northwest of Felwithe lies the wood elf home of Kelethin, and north of that lies the lair of the Crushbone Orcs.


After the destruction of the Elddar Forest of Tunaria and the Fall of Takish'Hiz, the remaining Elves migrated across the Ocean of Tears. Some say the Ocean's name goes back to the tears of Tunare Herself, shed for her lost children. The city itself is named for Alissa Felwithe, a Kaoda'Dal hero who took particular leadership during this dark time, and helped secure the Greater Faydark as the new Elven homeland.

There are legends that Felwithe is built upon an ancient Dark Elf capital called Caerthiel. The Tier'Dal accuse the Koada'Dal of razing Caerthiel after the destruction of the Elddar forest, and slaying its Dark Elf inhabitants to the last Elf. Most modern-day Koada'Dal deny this story altogether, although a few claim there is evidence of Tier'Dal construction under the city.

The High Elves and Wood Elves had always lived together in harmony before the forced emigration. When they arrived in Faydwer, the Elves set about to rebuilding Takish'Hiz. The Wood Elves liked the woods as they were and departed the city-in-progress to build their own home closer to nature. The Koada'Dal eventually gave up trying to coax back their discordant cousins, and they agreed to disagree on their various philosophical, legal, and religious differences. However, Felwithe is still considered the Elven Capital, and while the Wood Elves have their own laws and government, they are still considered subjects of the (Felwithian) King.

High Cleric Sarthan Leafwind as the first to write down what would come to be known as the "Code of the Koada'Dal," based on laws supposedly set down by Tunare Herself since the earliest days of Takish'Hiz. These laws, kept and enforced by the Priesthood, are still in use today.

Today, King Tearis Thex has reigned over the High Elves for several centuries. His daughter Firiona Vie, the Chosen of Tunare, is next in line for the throne.

Local Color


The town is dominated by guild halls to the various followings. One of the wonders of architecture lies in the far end of Felwithe, the tower of the mages, suspended unbelievably over a pool below. There is also an extensive river running through the city, and fishing is a very common pastime here.


The high elves are a reserved, contemplative people, much like the Erudites in that regard. As such, there are no open markets or the associated "undesirables" within its walls. Quiet thought is the norm in Felwithe, and its inhabitants reflect that.

What's in this zone?

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