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Rivervale is a quiet town, hidden well in the valley surrounding a small lake that is the head of a river running through Antonica. The layout of the town is simple, with tunnels burrowed through rock as its entrances and the river running out through a narrow, unpassable gorge. Rivervale itself is separated into the town itself where most people live, the docks, and the farms, where the druids work and the clergy pray.

A view of the Town Hall and the Leatherfoot Hall in Rivervale.
City Races: Halfling
Guilds: Cleric, Druid, Paladin, Ranger, Rogue, Warrior
Tradeskill Facilities: Forge, Kiln, Loom, Oven, Pottery Wheel
Related Quests: Leatherfoot Raiders, Nillipuss the Brownie, Shakey's Stuffing, The Acolyte, The Fishslayers, Wall Squad Ring
Adjacent Zones: Kithicor Forest, Misty Thicket
Name in /who: rivervale
Zone Spawn Timer: 22:00
ZEM Value: 100 (133%)



  • 1. Pottery Wheel and Kiln
  • 2. Nyla Gubbin's House
  • 3. Merchants selling Bags and Fishing Supplies
  • 4. Weary Foot Rest - Inn
  • 5. Vale Forge
  • 6. Town Hall and Leatherfoot Hall - Bank, Warrior Guild, Merchants selling Various Weapons
  • 7. Merchants selling Food and other Goods, Fishing Supplies
  • 8. Priest of Discord
  • 9. Fool's Gold - Rogue Guild, Merchants selling Alcohol, Brew Barrel
  • 10. Merchant selling Cloth Armor, Brew Barrel, and Loom
  • 11. Merchants selling Potions and Crystals
  • 12. Merchant selling Leather Armor and Patterns outside, Small Chain Armor and Small Chain Armor Patterns
  • 13. Druid Guild with Merchants selling Ore, Veggies, Druid Weapons, and Druid and Ranger Spells, Forge and Oven outside
  • 14. Pottery Wheel and Oven, Fletching and Bowyery Equipment, Weapon Molds
  • 15. Merchant selling Potions and Crystals
  • 16. Cleric and Paladin Guilds with Merchants selling Blunt Weapons and Cleric and Paladin Spells

Surrounding Areas

The Misty Thicket has several huts of more intrepid salespeople trying to reach the crowd of people that pass through this area between Freeport and Qeynos. The area is also rampant with insects, as well as tougher creatures past the wall.

Kithicor Forest itself is much closer to the usual route between the two coasts, and sees more of the urban travellers. It is also much more dangerous. I haven't spent much time there, just passing through on the beat of my drum...

Travelling To and From Rivervale

Rivervale can be accessed from one side through the Kithicor Forest through a narrow, well-hidden tunnel. The other side opens onto the Misty Thicket, where many Halflings make their homes. This area is generally a little safer for the traveler, but further afield lies areas best avoided.


This sage has opened too many tomes packed with sneezing powder, only to find the book empty, to be willing to document the history of this quaint town. Asking the locals only results in offers of fayberry pie or long tales of dubious verity. Documentation of the history of Rivervale will be continued when the gnomes have invented a method of detecting falsehoods.

Local Color


The town is very quaint, with holes where the halfings live and do business, as well as larger businesses that seem built to house more of the taller folk, like the local bar. Also, one of the largest and most well-kept inns lies in this green glade, with a warm hearth for everyone who passes its mantle.


The people in Rivervale are very easy to get along with. Most of them like to talk, and will speak with anyone who walks by. Of course, if you are evil or working for the forces of same, don't expect a friendly reception by the town guard.

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