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The following rules apply to EQ Reborn and all related resources (e.g. forum, discord, etc.). These rules have been put in place to define the foundation for appropriate behavior and fair play. While it does not define all of the Do’s and Don’ts, it provides sufficient basis for players to identify appropriate behavior.

By playing EQ Reborn you agree to abide by, and be held accountable for, following these rules. It is considered that you have read through and understand them. Warnings may not be provided if you breach the rules.


  • Players are expected to work together to maintain reasonable camps.
  • Camps are specific and reasonable space for the number of players, purpose, and intent of the camping group.
  • Players should not camp a space larger than they can reasonably continue to keep cleared. This does not mean that all of the mobs must be down at all times, but the player or group must be able to reasonably clear the camp such that spawns are not unused.
  • Players must be at, over very close to, the camp at all times. Delegate players may temporarily hold a camp for a short period of time while a player performs an in-game activity (selling for example).
  • Players are expected to play nice and work together to transfer camps when they are done with them.
  • Camp lists on a first-come first-serve basis should be kept & used.

Kill Stealing:

  • Players are expected to work together to share mob spawns that are not part of a camp.
  • Kill stealing is defined as the intentional engagement of a mob that is already engaged by another player or that clearly belongs to another player/group’s camp.
  • Kill stealing is not tolerated on EQ Reborn.
  • Honest mistakes happen, but pervasive abuse will result in administrative action up to, and including, suspensions and bans.
  • This is especially the case for rare mob camps.

Third Party Tools & Exploitation:

  • The only permitted tools are those that read and provide information from your local Everquest log files (e.g. log parsing for damage per second).
  • The use of all other third party tools & services is expressly forbidden.
  • Any program that provides an advantage or interacts, inspects, or modifies the Everquest client in any way is prohibited.
  • Use of these tools and/or exploitation will result in a permanent ban.
  • The only authorized tools follow below:
    • Win EQ2
    • Brewall Maps
    • Gina

Real Money Trades (RMT):

  • Real Money Trading (RMT) is expressly forbidden.
  • Offering, requesting, or trading real money, items, or services for in-game accounts, items, or services will result in a ban of all accounts involved.
  • This rule is enforced in full without limitation.
  • Even discussing this in jest may result in a ban.

Language & Harassment:

  • Use of inappropriate language (including curse words, offensive language, and strong sexual innuendo) and verbal harassment (excessive use of language to undermine someone’s dignity through insults or humiliation) will not be tolerated.
  • Players are encouraged to /ignore anyone that exhibits this behavior and to report anyone who is exhibiting this behavior incessantly.
  • Repeat or incessant behavior and/or exhibiting this behavior in public channels will result in disciplinary action up to, and including, suspensions and bans.


  • Fraud is the wrongful deception of other players and it is not permitted on EQ Reborn.
  • This includes deceiving other players in any way (e.g. false representations, unfaithful trades, or negotiations for in-game items, services, or activities).
  • This behavior will result in disciplinary if you are found to be responsible.
  • Players are responsible for evaluating and taking the necessary steps to protect themselves from fraud.
  • It is likely that you will not get your item or currency back in the event of a fraudulent transaction.
  • The onus is on you to be vigilant when trading in in-game items, currency, or services.

Player Disruption:

  • Disrupting other players is not permitted.
  • This includes, but is not limited to:
    • Training, or intentionally killing, other players.
    • Harassment of players.
    • Blocking other players (e.g. blocking doorways).
    • Engaging most of the mobs in a non-raid area.
    • Engaging mobs in other player camps.


  • Our GMs and Guides support EQ Reborn as volunteers with their own free time and without reward.
  • We have a zero tolerance policy for the harassment of any EQ Reborn staff.
  • Harassment of EQ Reborn staff will result in immediate administrative action up to, and including, suspensions and bans.

Character & Guild Names:

  • Character and guild names should be in-line with the Everquest world. Use common sense.
  • The following is provided as an example of what must be must not be used in whole or part:
    • Offensive or racist names or combinations of words that would result in offensive names.
    • Copyrighted or trademarked names.
    • Proper names from Everquest.
    • Common words and phrases that would not be found in the Everquest timeline.
    • Names from popular media.

2 Boxing:

  • 2 boxing is permitted on the server in the same way as it was in Classic with the following restrictions:
  • Players may not play more than two characters at a time.
  • No 3rd party tools may be used to manage or assist the playing of these characters.
  • These characters must be played in the same manner as they would have in Classic with multiple Windows and/or screens.
  • Players are permitted to request that only one character be played in group and/or in raids.