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We’ve tailored EQ Reborn to the classic era. In order to play on EQ Reborn, you’ll need to:

Read the Rules:

  • First start by reading the rules here here.
  • Following the rules is required.
  • Failure to comply may result in a suspension, ban, or termination of your account.

Download and install EQ ROF2 client (available on the internet):

  • Download EQ ROF2 client from some source.
  • Unzip client to desired installation directory.
  • Right Click on eqgame.exe -> Send To -> Desktop (create shortcut)
    • Do not launch or you must reload from clean files!
  • Click on shortcut and select properties.
  • In Target, add ” patchme” (without quotations) to the end of the line. See example below:
Shortcut Properties.png

Download and install the EQ Reborn Files Pack:

  • Option 1 – Use the EQ Reborn Patcher (Highly Recommended):
    • Download the patcher.
    • Extract it to a directory and then run it, selecting your EQ ROF2 installation directory.
    • Select whether you would like classic or new models.
  • Option 2 – Download and Install the Files:
    • Download the EQ Reborn Files Pack.
    • Remove the following files:
      • nektulos.eqg
      • nektulos_EnvironmentEmitters.txt
      • lavastorm.eqg
      • lavastorm_EnvironmentEmitters.txt
      • highpasshold.zon
      • highpasshold_EnvironmentEmitters.txt
      • highpasshold.eqg
      • HighPassHold.mp3
      • spellsnew.eff
      • spellsnew.edd
    • Replace with the files from the EQ Reborn Files Pack.

Setup EQ Emulator Server Account:

  • EQ Emulator leverages two accounts; a forum account and a server account.
  • Registering for a forum account is required in order to get a server account. If you have previously registered for an EQ Emulator server account, it will work on this server.
  • If not follow the steps to setup your accounts:
    • Create Your EQ Emulator Forum Account:
    • Click here to register your forum account.
    • Create a forum account.
    • Accept confirmation in your email from
    • Create your EQ Emulator Server Account:
      • Click here or on the Login Server Page (located under Miscellaneous in your UserCP)
      • Fill out the fields and proceed.

Join Discord (Optional):

  • Click here to find out how to get setup with Discord.
  • Join our Discord server by clicking here.

Logging into the Server:

  • Log into Everquest with your server account.
  • Click on EQ Reborn and Play Everquest.
  • Create your character and log in.