The Feerrott

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A lizard man camp deep in the green forest of The Feerrott.

The Feerrott is the dark swampy home of the ogres and lizard men of Antonica. The ogres live in a cave system at the edge of the swamp, while the lizard men have established camps scattered throughout. It is also the home of the ancient ruined temple of Cazic-Thule.

Note: No Tae Ew mobs are in The Feerrott, they are in Cazic Thule on p99.

Level of Monsters: 1-30
Types of Monsters: Green Snakes, Snakes, Bats, Giant Bats, Decaying Skeletons, Shadow Wolves, Minor Scarabs, Lesser Scarabs, Froglok Tads, Jungle Spiderling, Jungle Spider, Black Wolf, Lizard Man Broodlings, Lizard Man Hatchlings, Lizard Man Forager, Lizard Man Mystics, Lizard Man Scouts, Lizard Man Warriors, Lizard Man Watcher, Gorilla, Large Gorilla, Hulking Gorilla, Swamp Alligators, Dry Bones Skeletons, Skeletons, Zombies, Large Piranha, Marsh Bear Cub, Marsh Bear, Greenblood Zombie, Spectres
Notable NPCs: Annaelia Wylassi, Aqaar Aluram, Cyndreela, Dark Assassin, Eleann Morkul, Evil Enchantress, Oknoggin Stonesmacker, Roror (Lizard Man, priest of Cazic-Thule), Silverflank Gorilla, Spanner Scrapsnatcher
Unique Items: Ogreskin Chamois, Weighted Gloves
Related Quests: Going Postal
Adjacent Zones: Rathe Mountains, Oggok, Cazic Thule, Plane of Fear, Innothule Swamp
Name in /who: feerrott
Zone Spawn Timer: 6:40
Succor/Evacuate: 1091, 902 (Near Oggok)
ZEM Value: 75 (100%)



Cave Leading to Plane of Fear


As the newbie area for the Ogres and also many Trolls, most of the wandering monsters on the eastern side of the river are not aggressive and very low-level. The only aggressive ones are the lizard man broodlings, shadow wolves, and froglok tadpoles, all of which are first-level monsters. The only truly dangerous exceptions to this rule are the marsh bears, which can be quite high level, and wander throughout this area. It is best to avoid them completely. Also, the trails throughout are generally not next to the big spawn spots. These two factors combined make the Feerrott relatively safe to travel through, since you won't be harassed when you do it.

The Feerrott hides many hidden dangers, however. Most of the higher level creatures that you can hunt in the zone are groupers, and will rush to the aid of those around them. Particularly notorious are the spiders, who will help others of their kind and are often difficult to attack without others of their kind around. Your best hope with them it to catch them alone away from their main spots. The lizard men are also notorious groupers. Taking on a camp of them is usually more difficult than it would seem, as there is usually a spellcaster among them, making the proposition more difficult.

The land to the west of the river is even more dangerous. Although there are large areas that are without life, the area surrounding the termination of the only branch of the trail is crawling with random spawns, all good for a pair of 5th or 6th level characters. There are also some areas with high concentrations of undead, which are good if you can take them, and they are all aggressive. This is also where Roror, the priest of Cazic Thule, runs around. He can't be mistaken for another lizard man because he always has a pet with him. Last, but definitely not least for good races, is the Bouncers from Oggok, typically Bouncer Hurd. These large ogres are aggressive towards all good races, move very fast, and hit very hard. Also in this area is Dark Assassin a wondering high level rogue that is KoS to all races and sees through both sneak & invisibility. The Dark Assassin is the most dangerous mob in the zone and tends to wander in the north west.

The island itself is a unique place in the Feerrott. There are discrete temples with usually lone and sometimes pairs of lizard men upon them, which it seems like you would be able to take out with ease. However, if they run (and they will), they are only a short jaunt from their nearest neighbor, and I've seen trains of eight lizard men running across the bridge to Oggok, chasing a poor Troll. The other danger is that there might be a Basher upon the Temple itself. My ranger could track him up there, and since they can take me out quickly I didn't approach, but it may also be part of a frequent bug that happens where named NPCs appear off of zone edges on tracking...

To the extreme south west is the entrance to The Plane of Fear. The entrance is hidden behind a false wall on the southern zone wall. A single Spectre is guarding outside the entrance to the cave entrance and will attack any race that is unfortunate enough to get too close. Inside is a cave maze system that contains six more Spectres ending with another false wall that leads to a grove with The Fear Portal guarded by Cyndreela. If you have any trouble killing the Spectres, you have no business entering The Fear Portal.


There are some benefits to adventuring in the Feerrott, although honestly most of the evil races spend their time in neighboring Innothule Swamp. The largest benefit comes when you are a newbie character. The path from Oggok to Innothule becomes a track that newbies take laps on, killing whatever creatures cross their path. At second and third level, the spiders are good for exp and their webs are worth fair money. Also, froglok tads and lizard men will frequently give netted and cloth armor to throw on yourself (or sell for good money) and also have rusty weapons frequently. There is also the benefit of having Innkeeper Thug around, as he will buy and sell items for a fair price to about anyone, and almost as good as going into town itself.

The next time that you will see a benefit to being in Feerrott is when you can group and take out lizard man camps. There are quite a few camps, and since lizard men provide pretty good loot, a group that can take them out frequently can do well for themselves. There is a wide range of levels for the camps, as well, ranging from 3rd level near the Oggok to Innothule path, up to at least 12th level on the west side of the river.

Some miscellaneous benefits include the evil enchantress. who likely has some goods for a group high enough level to take her out (she is the 45+ creature listed above). And the entrance to the Temple of Thule can not be overlooked, again an area for at least 15th (more like 20th or higher) level people to travel in.

Traveling To and From

Travelers from the direction of Freeport arrive on the eastern edge of Feerrott, after traveling through the Desert of Ro and Innothule Swamp. Travellers from Qeynos area arrive at the western edge, after traveling through the Plains of Karana and the Rathe zones.

The entrance to Oggok lies along the northern border of the Feerrott, with a small grouping of buildings outside. The Lost Temple of Cazic Thule entrance lies directly across from it, on the southern edge on the island. Access to the Plane of Fear lies within the spectre tunnels.

What's in this zone?

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