Plane of Fear

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Map of the Plane of Fear

200px The god of fear himself, Cazic Thule, resides here in the Plane of Fear. Its rough terrain and bloodred sky are indicative of the horrors that await those who dare venture here. Deathtouching golems, shadowstepping scarelings, mass-dispelling tentacles terrors and evil eyes, blinding nightmares, and other vicious creatures are just a few of the denizens which serve Cazic Thule, and which look to destroy any mortals foolish enough trespass into their realm.

Level of Monsters: 48+
Minimum Player Level: 46+
Adjacent Zones: The Feerrott
Name in /who: fearplane
ZEM Value: unknown

Map Locations

  • The Temple
  • Firewall
  • West Wall
  • Graveyard
  • Fetid Fiend House
  • Imp Tower
  • Boogey House
  • Gorgon Roost
  • Frightfinger House


Getting In and Out

The entrance to the Plane of Fear is a one-way portal located in the spectre caves in The Feerrott. You must be at least level 46 to enter. Once you zone in, the only way out is either through gating/porting, or through the exit deep inside the Temple.

The Break


Pulling Mobs



Enemies and Loot

A listing of the foes you are likely to encounter here, with a brief description and any special skills they possess, along with a list of their drops. As with other planar mobs, they can all randomly drop high level research components and gems.

Amygdalan knight

The Amygdalan Knight is a Shadowknight as the name implies. They come complete with useless (although annoying) pets. Special Skills : Harm Touch, Mana Drain.

Amygdalan Warrior

The Amygdalan Warrior is just a Knight minus harm touch and pet. These also Mana drain. Special Skills: none.

a fetid fiend (male)

Resembles a huge zombie. Just a basic level 50 mob. Special Skills: Disease.

a fetid fiend (female)

Resembles one of those Tormented Dead from the yard in Unrest. Basic level 50 mob. Drops Cleric-only Girdle of the Diligent. Special Skills: none

a boogeyman

Resembles a huge Ghoul. Basic level 50 mob. Special Skills: Ghoulroot

a glare lord

Resembles an evil eye. Glare Lords are enchanters, although I have never seen one charm anyone. They come with Enchanter pets and drop wands for Mages and Enchanters. What makes them annoying is the AE debuff that strips 4 buffs (sorry Shamans). Special Skills: AE debuff.

a frightfinger

Resembles a very small Reanimated Hand from Lower Guk or Unrest. Fingers use wizard spells. Special Skills: Wizard spells (Ice Comet!).

a turmoil toad

Resemble small Froglock ghouls that can be found in Najena or Lower Guk. Special Skills: Ghoulroot, Panic (Fear).

a spinechiller spider

Spiders are basic level 50 mobs with a cold based DOT which only hits for 300 in 30 ticks. Special Skills: Spinechill (DOT).

a scareling

These little critters look like little imps from Solsek B Efreeti area or Kindle in Solsek A. They are rogues and backstab for 400+. These are VERY deadly and always the first target when one is in the camp. Another deadly tactic of the Scareling is to teleport anyone to a random location (not too far away) potentially starting a massive train leading to a total wipe out of the raiding party. Repeat, Scarelings must die, and die fast. Special Skills: Backstab, Teleport.

a gorgon

Gorgons resemble Harpies from Steamfont mountains, but with snakes coming out of their heads. They can stun a target for over 15 seconds. Special Skills: Stun.

a tentacle tormentor

Tormentors (TTs) resemble their weaker cousins from Unrest and Najena. The use the normal throwback spell as well as the normal lifetap spell. They also have that annoying AE strip enchantment that removes 4 buffs. If there are enough Paladins in the group, it is possible to keep these chain-stunned through the entire battle, preventing them from using the AE debuff. Special Skills: Throwback, Lifetap, AE debuff.

a shiverback

Looks like a big ape from Cazic Thule. Hit hard and fast. Special Skills: none.

a phantasm

Phantasms resemble spectres. Normal level 50 mob.


Often called ‘jello’, these resemble gelatinous cubes from Splitpaw of old, or Runnyeye. They are located in the temple of Cazic Thule. They also have an AE debuff, but it only removes 1 buff. Jello are loved by all because they can randomly drop any piece of planar armor in the game, including armor for classes such as rogues, bards, clerics, and warriors which is normally found in the Plane of Hate. There are conflicting reports as to whether jello can truly drop ANY piece, or just 1 piece from each class (i.e. Cleric Boots, Bard Bracer, Paladin Bracer, Warrior Gauntlets, etc.) Special Skills: AE Debuff.

  • Random Planar Armor Piece (All Classes)

a worry wraith

Looks like a giant will-o-wisp with pet. If these are not dispelled, they have a damage shield that can cause many people to go linkdead from the amount of ‘Billy was burned’ messaages. Other than that, they are garden variety level 50 mobs with a pet. Special Skills: none.

a samhain

Resembles a jack-o-lantern from the yard of Unrest, or a scarecrow from the farms in West Karana. Another normal level 50 or so mob. Can drop (rarely) Ranger-only Axe (Fluxbladed Axe). Special Skills: none

a nightmare

Looks like a big black horse and squeaks like a rusty swingset. They can blind as well as fear. Special Skills: Blindness and Fear.

Raid Encounters:

Fright, Dread, and Terror

These three are Cazic Thule’s little buddies that have temples located around the zone. They are large golems. Fighting any one of these will also aggro Cazic. They drop nothing but some spare change.


This is Cazic Thule’s number one guardian - he is a Shadow Knight bone dragon with a pet. See raid encounter page for drops and more information (NB: mob is actually named "a dracoliche").

Cazic Thule (God)

Cazic Thule, along with Innoruuk, is one of the the two main Gods present in the planes during classic. See raid encounter page for drops and more information.

Additional Maps

File:Fearplane1.jpg File:Fearplane3.gif File:Fear golems.png File:Plane of fear torridprogreen.jpg

What's in this zone?

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