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A view of the Erudin library located on the continent of Odus.
Map of Erudin
Map of Erudin Docks
Map of Erudin Palace

Erudin is the home city of the Erudites, a sect of humans that long ago migrated from the known world to settle in an out of the way place and study the known and unknown. Now that they have returned to the world, their capital city is considered one of the finest collections of knowledge in all of Norrath.

City Races: Erudite
Guilds: Cleric, Enchanter, Magician, Paladin, Wizard
Tradeskill Facilities: Brew Barrel, Forge, Kiln, Oven, Pottery Wheel
Related Quests: Barnacle Breastplate, Erud's Tonic, Ice Goblin Beads, Skeleton Killing, Teatament of Vanear, Peacekeeper Staff, The Bridge, The Power of the Gatecallers, Quellious Symbol Quests
Adjacent Zones: Erud's Crossing, Toxxulia Forest, Erudin Palace
Name in /who: erudnext (Erudin), erudnint (Palace)
Zone Spawn Timer: 6:40
ZEM Value: 100 (133%)

Map Location Key


  • 1. Temple of Divine Light - Followers of Quellious the Tranquil -- Cleric and Paladin Guilds, Merchants selling Blunt and Sharp Weapons, Merchant outside selling Cloth Armor and Leather Armor and Patterns
  • 2. Teleporter to Erudin Palace
  • 3. Bard
  • 4. Teleporter to Erudin Docks
  • 5. City Armory - Merchants selling Medium Chain and Plate Armor with Erudin Royal Forge outside
  • 6. Arrival Platform from Teleporters
  • 7. Erudin Surplus - Merchants selling Food and other Goods, Bags and Boxes, upstairs Brew Barrel, outside Merchant selling Small Cloth Armor, Oven, Pottery Wheel and Kiln, and Loom
  • 8. Erudin City Library - Merchants selling Bard Songs, Cleric Spells, Enchanter Illusion Spells, Wizard Portal Spells, Mage Summon Item Spells, Wizard Vision and various Elemental Effect Spells, Cloudy Stone of Veeshan
  • 9. Deepwater Knights, Followers of Prexus - Cleric and Paladin Guild, Merchants selling Blunt and Sharp Weapons, Forge out back
  • 10. Vasty Deep Inn - Merchant selling Bags and Boxes, Enchanter Trainer
  • 11. BlueHawk's Food - Merchant selling Food and other Goods, Alcohol, Cooking Books, Brew Barrel inside, Oven outside

Note: Lettered Teleporters transport to the platform with the corresponding letter

Erudin Docks

  • 1. Merchant selling Bags and Boxes, Large Sewing Kit and Patterns
  • 2. Erudin Port Authority - Merchants selling Bags and Boxes
  • 3. Merchant selling Cooking Supplies and Food
  • 4. Priest of Discord
  • 5. Teleporter to Erudin
  • 6. Platform for Teleporter arrivals

Erudin Palace

  • 1. Upper is Teleporter Arrival Platform, Lower is Teleporter to Erudin
  • 2. Bank of Erudin
  • 3. Erudin City Office - Merchants selling Bags, Prison downstairs
  • 4. Sothure's Fine Gems - Merchants selling Gems and Metals and all Jewelry Supplies
  • 5. Vials of Vitality - Merchants selling Jewelry Supplies (all except metal), Potions, Magic Stones
  • 6. Tower of the Crimson Hands - Wizard Guild, Merchants selling Spells, Crimson Robes, Wizard Books, Gems (assorted)
  • 7. Tower of the Gate Callers - Magician Guild, Merchants selling Spells, Blue Robes, Gems (many), Magician Equipment
  • 8. Tower of the Craft Keepers - Enchanter Guild, Merchants selling Spells, Gold Robes, Gems (assorted), and various Spell Components
  • 9. Merchant selling Common Spells

Note: Lettered Stairs go up or down to their correspondingly letter.

Surrounding Areas

Erudin has a small, but active, port with regular ships leaving for Erud's Crossing and Qeynos beyond that. The city itself sits on the coast, and is bordered on the inland side by the vast, dark Toxxulia Forest. Just off the shore lies the island of the Kerrans, and the city of the Heretics, Paineel, lies somewhere in the forest.

Traveling To and From Erudin

Erudin can be reached from the mainland by boat from the human city of Qeynos. This boat makes a brief stop in Erud's Crossing before arriving at Erudin itself. Traveling from Erudin to Qeynos requires a shuttle ride from the Erudin docks to the main boat which never stops itself in Erudin, rather, it is anchored a bit out at sea for a brief minute.

Inland Erudin is bordered by the vast Toxxulia Forest. Passing through this forest leads to Paineel, and there is an unused dock that leads to the island of the Kerrans. There are also Druid and Wizard portals in the forest itself.


Disgusted with the dissipation and ill manners of most of their fellow Humans, a group of men and women led by the Great Erud abandoned their home of Antonica and sailed across the sea to the island of Odus, which was at the time inhabited solely by a race of sentient cat-people called Kerrans. On this island, Erud founded a city based upon the pursuit of pure knowledge: academic, philosophical, and arcane. He alone is credited with devising the entire system of law and social order that exists in Erudin today, well over a thousand years later.

It is said by some that Quellious blessed her faithful Erudites by darkening their skin against the powerful island sun and enlarging their brains to make their quest for knowledge easier. Others attribute the brain development to Quellious and the more practical skin coloration to Prexus. Others claim the Erudites always looked the way they do, and that they were always a distinctly separate race from the Humans. Erud's records are oddly silent on this matter.

The Erudites and the Kerrans managed to live in reasonable peace until the traitor Miragul began experimenting with dark and powerful magics. Horrified by the pain and suffering his studies caused, the High Council condemned Miragul and forbade the study which had come to be known as necromancy. Miragul and his followers broke away from Erudin and a bloody civil war began, ending with massive destruction and the accidental relocation of an entire tribe of Kerrans to the moon of Luclin. Since then, Erudin and the Heretic city of Paineel have kept a brooding stalemate from opposite sides of Odus, each plotting the eventual destruction or overthrow of the other.

Local Color


The city of Erudin is notable for its practicality, and there are buildings for what the citizens need and little else within. Of note, the city is practically built around the great hall of learning, the Erudin Library, the greatest collection of knowledge in the world of good races. Its only rival is rumored to be in the Dark Elf city of Neriak far to the east.


The city of Erudin is a very calm and quiet place, designed for the silent reflection and learning of its inhabitants. There are several prominent locals in the various guilds, and these Erudites, in many cases, represent the most knowledgable in all of Norrath in their various fields of study.

What's in this zone?


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