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So you are expecting and you are sure that something is really different. Or maybe you just gut feeling that there are two babies in there. So if in case it’s true then what you can do to be sure? Well here are some tips that actually help you decide if really you will be blessed with twin babies in the womb?

You should speculate on twins if you are expecting to use in vitro generation of ovulation-inducing medications.

It also could be multiple gestations if you are eating day and night or craving for the stuff! Twins again if you are large for dates and you can see the size of belly more prominent. However, recognise that +/- 2 centimetres is held within natural limits and is - normally- should not be put into consideration.

You should suspect twins if you are having a faster weight gain than the usual but to come on the certainty you can talk to the doctor.

If unexplained anemia develops and you are experiencing sudden falls in the blood pressure then it can be twin babies.

Could be twin babies if you are having to feel that they are running everywhere. You should have a twin baby pregnancy if your doctor hears two separate heartbeats. If you have a family history of having twins then in that case it’s more likely to have one! Chances get more prominent for having identical twin babies.

And of course, you are having twins if that can be seen in ultrasound but be careful of missing twin syndrome. If you are scared of the [twins miscarriage twins miscarriage] then don’t be as science has come a far way!

How to prepare for a twin birth?

Buy a strong, good condition double buggy that can be installed anywhere. A tandem-type is best which normally fits better down anywhere in the current world.

Mainly, you will not have to buy everything the same. For instance, you could buy one bouncy seat and some different type of seat. Also, many twins stay in the same crib for the initial times and lives.

In the event that you expect to breastfeed, an excellent twofold pump is a sign to buy. Regardless of whether you plan to just breastfeed feed you will in any case have to pump milk so others can help you with feedings. It will get a huge measure of utilization so don't tragically hold back on the sort of pump you purchase.

Listen to your pediatrician and have him ready to help care for the babies whilst they are still under the care of hospitals. Twins are very often born early and so normally stay longer in hospital than normal babies.

Adequate preparation also includes having people who can help you with the things of the newborn kids. You can also employ full-time help if the father is missing due to work. Twin birth can be problematic but with the right amount of care, it’s possible.