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Najena is the ancient home of a twisted dark elf magician named Najena, who carved out this hole in the hidden areas of the Lavastorm Mountains in which to carry out her experiments, as well as those of her allies. The undead walk the halls as if it is home. Various keys are used throughout this zone. Respawn is approximately 16 minutes for most mobs.

Level of Monsters: 15-35
Types of Monsters: Large Skeletons, Greater Skeletons, Darkbone Skeletons, Ogre Guards, Magicians, Magician Pets, Necromancers, Necromancer Pets, Fire Elementals, Earth Elementals, Mist Elementals, Guard Officers, The Guard Captain, Undead Knight, Goblin Warriors, Giant Black Widows, Froglok Ghouls, A Tentacle Terror, A Minotaur
Notable NPCs: Akksstaff, BoneCracker, Drelzna, Ekeros, Linara Parlone, Moosh, Najena (NPC), Officer Grush, Rathyl, Rathyl reincarnate, Trazdon, a visiting priestess, The Widowmistress
Unique Items: Ashenwood Short Spear, Band of Flesh, Barbed Leather Whip, Black Tome with Silver Runes, Blackened Sapphire, Blued Two-Handed Hammer, Clawed Knuckle-Ring, Damask Armor, Dark Circlet, Dull Wooden Spear, Earring of Disease Reflection, Flowing Black Robe, Gossamer Armor, Hollowed Bone Bracers, Leering Mask, Ogre War Maul, Soft Leather Shoes, Stone Bracelet, Stone Circlet, Stone Collar, Stiletto of the Bloodclaw, Terror Spines, Travelers Pack, Travelers Pouch, Whore's Bane, Minotaur Horn,
Related Quests: The Mystic Cloak, The Visiting Priestess, Torch of Alna, Shovel of Ponz, Stein of Ulissa, Broom of Trilon, Necromancer Epic Quest
Adjacent Zones: Lavastorm Mountains
Name in /who: najena
Zone Spawn Timer: 18:30
ZEM Value: 130 (173%)



Order to obtain keys:

Basic Zone Information

Najena is a place filled with undead of various types. The rooms are packed with them, with typically four skeletons of various types lying on the floor of any given room. Added to this are aggressive earth elementals and ogre guards, all of whom will attack on sight. For adventurers in the lower level ranges listed above (below 17th level or so), traveling in a group should be the rule, as simply walking in a room can result in four creatures jumping you at once. Once you've hit 17th, only the occasional Darkbone Skeleton will attack. For lower level adventurers, hunting in the front rooms and attacking the creatures that are there should provide enough excitement.

Advanced Zone Information

For higher level adventurers or groups, the zone is much more interesting than trying to fight off swarms of skeletons. There are several areas of interest. First of all, there is a whole key system to the lair of Najena. Various creatures and NPC's carry the keys to access other areas within the lair. I will use the keys to describe how to move through the zone. The ogre guards and Moosh carry a key ring, which will give you access to the prison cells. One note on Moosh, attacking him in the prison itself will make the injured halfling join in against you, although when you kill him you take hits with all the Rivervale factions. This is especially a pain because Moosh will stupidly attack people way above his level, so even hanging out in there is a bad idea for reasons of faction. The first monster in the key sequence is Bonecracker. Bonecracker is an approximately level 25 undead froglok who lives in a room with two lovely dark elf necromancers. He also spawns the Barbed Leather Whip and Leering Mask occasionally, and he himself spawns every 20 minutes. He gives you the dull bone key. The ogre captain must then be killed to get the shiny metal key. These first two keys are the only keys that aren't No Rent (i.e. they won't disappear when you log) so hang onto them.

The shiny metal key is then used to open the cell outside of Rathyl's room. The dull bone key is then used to access Rathyl's area, where you can fight Rathyl (sometimes there is a magician PH). Note you need both keys to get to Rathyl. Killing him will give you access to the bloodstained key for Drelzna's room, as well as possibly the Traveller's Pouch or Pack. He then reincarnates (as Rathyl reincarnate) and sometimes has the Hollowed Bone Bracers as loot. Then you can access Drelzna's room (possible Necromancer PH), who is slightly higher level, and used to spawn the Journeyman Boots (but not any more)... Now you can get the Ashenwood Short Spear there. Getting the golden crescent key from Drelzna will allow you to access the room with Najena herself, who is about 29th level or so and has several high level protectors. She spawns the Flowing Black Robe and the Black Tome with Silver Runes.

In the caves behind Najena's room there are two camps of goblins and a few spider spawns. The goblin camps consist of 4 goblin spawns each, and the goblins can be either level 18ish warriors or level 18ish magicians (who summon different mage pets and cast DSs on everything nearby). A minotaur can also spawn at the goblin camps. There are 4 individual spiders that spawn back near the goblin camps also, one of which is the placeholder for the Widowmistress.

There is also a prison area, which the intrepid explorer can find himself trapped in by falling through one of two pit traps located in the upper level. There is a damsel in distress here, as well as an injured halfling who won't talk to anyone, but, as mentioned above, will rush to the aid of his ogre guard for no apparent reason.

Traveling To and From

The entrance to Najena lies in the southeastern corner of the Lavastorm Mountains. It is impossible to miss, as it consists of a huge set of double doors, with one blown off its hinges from some unknown force within.

If you attempt to enter the zone but are too low-level (<= 4), you will be placed near the the Nektulos Forest zone line and receive the message "You are not yet experienced enough to pass through an inter-planar portal".

What's in this zone?