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Haste is a game mechanic by which the delay of a weapon is decreased.

Brief Overview

Haste is an extremely important game mechanic for all melee classes in Everquest. There are various types of haste, and it is important to understand how they all work together to maximize your DPS (damage per second).

Gear Haste is only one type of haste and may not be affordable at the beginning of your melee / DPS adventure through everquest but you should strive to obtain these pieces as you progress through the game.

Haste reduces the delay of a weapon and as a result will affect the dps rating of certain weapons differently depending on delay and amount of haste stacked. Delay is measured in tenths of a second. IE a weapon with a delay of 20 would swing every 2 seconds.

Important Note Haste reduces the delay of all weapons the same percentage, however the increase in dps output varies depending on the starting delay of the equipped weapon. (I'll dig up a few dps charts later to help people visualize the difference but the increase in dps output is essentially an exponential curve upward as haste increases.)

Basically there are accelerating gains in dps as more haste is stacked on, but higher delay weapons dps output accelerates faster than lower delay weapons dps output. Acceleration of dps output is not the same as dps output, so to make a determination of which weapon is best for a given situation you would have to take into account a variety of factors including the amount of haste you have, your atk rating, and the defense rating of what you are fighting.

A comprehensive listing of all known haste items, spells, and songs is listed below.

General Rules

The four types of haste

  1. Permanent item haste: haste effect listed on an item you wear.
  2. Spell/song/clickie haste: haste effects gained from nearly all spells, bard songs, or click-able items.
  3. v2 haste: Ervaj line of bard songs grant v2 haste. This is not "overhaste" and will not allow you to exceed the haste cap.
  4. Overhaste (v3 haste): These effects allow you to exceed the haste cap, but no such effects existed before the "Shadows of Luclin" expansion was released.


  • Haste effects of the same type will not stack.
  • Haste effects of different types will stack.
  • Haste is measured in Rate of Attack Increase, NOT Delay Decrease.
  • The FORMULA for determining Delay with Haste is:
    • New (Hasted) Delay = Delay/(1+Haste), where Haste is a decimal (21% == .21). FBSS Example: [Delay/(1+.21)]
  • The minimum weapon delay is 5 (need confirmation, see Mosscovered Twig discussions).

Important notes

  • Celestial Tranquility (monk epic) grants "spell/song/clickie haste" and therefore will stack with "permanent item haste" effects, but will not stack with other "spell/song/clickie haste" effects.
  • The Monk Discipline 100 Fists (lvl 57) grants "Hundred Hands Effect" that will stack with all types of haste effects.
  • Melody/Composition of Ervaj grant v2 haste, and therefore stack with other types of haste. These songs do not allow you to exceed the haste cap.

Haste Caps

Level Max total haste permitted
1-30 50%
31-50 74%
51-54 84%
55-59 94%
60 100%

Permanent Haste Items

Item Haste Other Stats Zone, Mob Notes
Flowing Red Silk Sash 6% Wt0.1, All/All Timorous Deep Test item, never intended to be live
Sporali Gloves 9% Wt1.0, All/All Runnyeye Drops from the Sporali Moldmaster (Runnyeye 2.0)
Swiftclaw Sash 15% 2AC 2agi Wt0.1, All/All Stonebrunt Mt,
Quest-Shazda Kaekwon
Heretic Heads Quest
Wyvern Hide Boots 15% 6AC 5Sta 5agi 5dex Wt1.0, All/All -ND Skyshrine,
cubes & wyverns
Random Drop from many lvl45+ Mobs
Belt of Concordance 16% 6AC 5str 5cha 5svP Wt0.1, BRD -ND Plane of Sky random drop
Belt of Iniquity 16% 8AC 5str 5Int 5svM Wt0.1, SHD -ND Plane of Sky random drop
Belt of the Pine 16% 6AC 5str 5wis 5svD Wt0.1, RNG -ND Plane of Sky random drop
Belt of Virtue 16% 8AC 5str 5wis 5svM Wt0.1, PAL -ND Plane of Sky random drop
Swirlspine Belt 16% 4AC Wt1.0, Melee/All Kedge Keep,
Swirlspine Guardian
Underwater zone, adds can be nasty
Hangman's Noose 17% 5AC Wt0.1 (head or waist), All/All -ND Trakanon's Teeth,
On a PH spawn cycle
Belt of Contention 21% 10AC 5str 5sta 5svF Wt0.1, WAR -ND Plane of Sky random drop
Belt of Tranquility 21% 4AC 5str 5dex 5svC Wt0.1, MNK -ND Plane of Sky random drop
Belt of Transience 21% 6AC 5str 5dex 10svP Wt0.1, ROG -ND Plane of Sky random drop
Flowing Black Silk Sash (FBSS) 21% Wt0.1, All/All Lower Guk,
a frenzied ghoul
Can be a long camp
Silvery Belt of Contention 21% 10AC 4sta 5wis 5int Wt0.0, All/All Kael Drakkal,
Protectors of Zek
Rare Drop from many lvl50+ mobs
Silver Chitin Hand Wraps 22% 5AC 3str 3agi 3dex 3svAll Wt1.0, All/All
(stats upgraded April/02)
Velketor's Lab,
Frenzied Velium Broodling
Nice easy camp for 45+
Sash of the Dragonborn 24% 2AC Wt0.1, All/All Howling Stones,
Crypt Spectre
Requires Keys to enter the wings where this drops
Honeycomb Belt 26% 6AC 2cha 6wis 75mana Wt2.0, DRU -ND Plane of Sky, Quest Druid Test of the Bee
Siblisian Berserker Cloak (SBC) 26% 9AC 9str 9sta 9dex 9agi 50hp Wt0.1, All/All Old Sebilis, Trakanon, lvl 43+ named Trak is a raid event, but other named can be done with a nice group
Runebranded Girdle (RBG) 27% 7AC 8str 8sta 8dex 25hp 25mana Wt0.1, All/All Old Sebilis / Kithicor Forest
Froglok Krup / Coercer Q'ioul
Old Seb with good group is easier
Runed Bolster Belt (RBB) 31% 5AC 10str 10sta 10dex Wt0.1, All/All Old World & Kunark Dragons Raid Mob
Girdle of Rapidity 34% 6AC 7cha 7int 7wis 50mana Wt2.5, Priest & Caster/All Chardok,
Sarnak Collective Auditor
Bank Area, very rare (Chardok 2.0)
Cloak of Piety 34% 12AC 12str 12wis 12int 10svM 10svF Wt1.5, All/All -ND Old Sebilis,
Raid Mob
Shroud of the Dar Brood 34% 14AC 8sta 9wis 9int 10svM/C/F 20hp 50mana Wt1.0, All/All -ND Western Wastes,
Harla Dar
Aid the Dar Brood Quest
Spiked Seahorse Hide Belt 34% 10AC 4str 4sta 4agi 4dex 4wis 4int 4cha 1svAll 25hp 25mana Wt0.0, All/All Siren's Grotto,
nice lewt for easy mob. Pain to get to it
Basoon Haste Gauntlets 36% 5str 5agi 5dex 25hp Wt0.1, MNK -ND Plane of Hate,
Maestro of Rancor
Removed from game at some point (listed 36%-41% haste?)
Cloak of Flames 36% 10AC 9agi 9dex 15svF 50hp Wt0.1, All/All Old World & Kunark Dragons quite rare pre-Kunark
Cloak of Crystalline Waters 36% 10AC 9agi 9dex 15svF 50mana Wt0.1, All/All Cobalt Scar, Kelorek`Dar Easy to get to raid mob
Cowl of Mortality 36% 16AC 9sta 12agi 15svD 50hp Wt0.1, All/All Dragon Necropolis,
hard to get to raid mob
Rakusha Cloak 36% 10AC 10svM 10svF Wt0.1, MNK -ND Plane of Hate,
Innoruuk (God)
Raid event
Tolapumj's Robe 36% 14AC 5wis 10int 50mana Wt3.5, Caster/All Old Sebilis,
Pure caster melee item
Sash of Infinite Blows 41% 5AC Wt0.1, MNK/All Plane of Fear,
(Fear 2.0)
Cloak of the Fire Storm 41% 24AC 15str 15sta 15agi 15dex 15svF 100hp Wt0.0, Melee/All -ND Temple of Veeshan,
Test of Fire Storm
Windraider's Belt 40% 35AC 10str 7SvAll Wt0.5, All/All -ND ToV - North,
Raid Event
Belt of the Destroyer 41% 25AC 10str 15wis 15int 15svC 75mana Wt0.5, All/All -ND ToV - North,
Dagarn the Destroyer
Raid Event
Belt of the Four Winds 41% 5AC 12str 12sta 6agi 6dex 5svM Wt2.0, WAR -ND Plane of Sky,
Warrior Test of Think
Brother Xave's Headband 41% 45AC 15str 10sta 10agi 10dex 15svAll 75hp Wt0.0, MNK -ND ToV - North,
Raid Event
Feeliux's Cord of Velocity 41% 30AC 25str 20sta 25agi 25dex 100hp Wt0.0, Melee/All ToV - North,
Raid Event
Gauntlets of Dragon Slaying 41% 30AC 9str 9wis 9int 9svAll 75hp 75mana Wt0.0, All/All Kael Drakkal,
King Tormax Quest
Lord Yelinak's Head
Girdle of Dark Power 41% 30AC 15str 15int 5svAll 50hp 50mana Wt25.0, BRD SHD ROG -ND ToV - North,
Lady Nevederia
Raid Event
Girdle of Faith 41% 10AC 6str 6agi 6wis Wt1.0, PAL -ND Plane of Sky,
Paladin Test of Spirit
Golden Sash of Tranquility 41% 5AC 15str 15agi 15dex Wt0.1, MNK -ND Plane of Sky,
Monk Test of Tranquility
Grey Suede Boots 41% 12AC 8str 8agi 10svC 10svP 25hp Wt0.0, All/All -ND Veeshan's Peak,
Key required zone, Raid event
Pegasus-Hide Belt 41% 8AC 6str 6agi 6int Wt1.0, SHD -ND Plane of Sky,
Shadow Knight Test of Slash
Renard's Belt of Quickness 41% 6AC 5str 12agi 12dex 5cha Wt1.0, ROG/All -ND Plane of Sky,
Rogue Test of Trickery
Silver Bracelet of Speed 41% 38AC 10str 10sta 10wis 10int 5svAll 100hp, Wt0.0 All/All -ND Temple of Veeshan,
Raid Event
Yelinak's Talisman 41% 8AC 7str 7sta 7agi 7dex 7wis 7int 7cha 7svAll 40hp 40mana Wt0.5, All/All -ND Skyshrine,
Lord Yelinak
Key to Sleeper's Tomb

Triggered Haste Items (Buff Haste)

Item Haste Other Stats Zone, Mob Notes
Eyepatch of Plunder 20% Wt0.5, All/All -ND 10AC 10str 10dex 6svAll 50hp Effect: Captain Nalots Quickening Iceclad Ocean Lodi Quest Cast 3 sec, Duration 10 mins
Robe of the Whistling Fists 25% Wt0.5, MNK -ND 15AC 10svM 50hp Effect: Jonthan's Whistling Warsong, Monk Quest Lvl 7 bard song, Cast: instant, Duration 18 sec
Celestial Fists 40% H2H 9/16 PRI/SEC, Wt0.1, MNK -ND 15AC 20str 10sta 10agi 10dex 10svAll 100hp, Effect: Celestial Tranquility Monk Epic Quest Cast: instant, Duration 18 sec
Lute of the Howler 40% Dly 22 Wt0.5, BRD. Effect: Illusion Werewolf, string Instrument Velketor's Labyrinth,
Khelker Icepaw
Cast 10 sec, Duration 36 mins
Dark Cloak of the Sky 50% (L49) 6AC 7str 7agi 7dex 7wis 55hp Wt5.0, RNG/All Effect: Haste -ND Plane of Sky,
Ranger Test of Defense
Cast: instant, Duration 18 sec
Ashenwood Short Spear 50% (L49) Pierce 6/22 PRI, (10 Charges) Wt5.0, WAR RNG SHD BRD ROG/All Effect: Haste Najena,
Level for Effect: 35 Charges: 10
Sphinxian Circlet 50% (L49) 4AC 4str 4dex Wt1.0, Effect: Haste (1 Charge) ROG -ND Plane of Sky,
Sister of the Spire
Quest item used in Rogue Test of Trickery

Weapon Haste (Permanent Haste)

Item Haste Other Stats Zone,Mob Notes
Mithril Two-Handed Sword 31% 2HS 21/40 PRI, Wt8.5, WAR PAL SHD/All Effect: Haste Lower Guk,
the froglok king
Old World
Monsoon, Sword of the Swiftwind 36% 2HS 30/45 PRI, 10str 9sta Wt2.0, WAR/All -ND Effect: Haste Plane of Fear,
Raid Event
Typhoon, Sword of the Tidalwave 36% 2HS 30/45 PRI, 10str 4wis 5svM Wt2.0, WAR/All -ND Effect: Haste Cobaltscar,
Raid Event / Good group
Sunderfury 36% 2HS 25/36 PRI, Wt7.5, WAR/All Effect: Haste Plane of Hate,
Innoruuk (God)
Raid Event
Velium Swiftblade 36% 1HS 5/24 PRI/SEC, Wt0.1, WAR PAL RNG SHD BRD ROG/All Effect: Haste Kael Drakkel, Random mobs
Very Rare
Ragebringer 40% Pierce 15/25 PRI/SEC, Wt2.5, ROG/All -ND 20str 10sta 10agi 10dex 20svM 10svD 20svP 100hp Effect: Seething Fury, Rogue Epic Quest Increases Attk by 40 and AC by 9
Swiftwind 40% 1HS 13/21 SEC, Wt2.0, RNG -ND 15str 10sta 5dex 5svAll 50hp Effect: Swift Spirit Ranger Epic Quest Increase ATK by 30
Tolan's Longsword of the Glade 40% 1HS 15/21 PRI/SEC, Wt2.0, RNG/All -ND 15AC 10str 15agi 15dex 15wis 7svAll 100hp Effect: Blessing of the Grove Temple of Veeshan,
Raid event, Increase AC by 30
Claw of Lightning 41% 1HS 14/18 SEC, 8str 8agi 8dex 10svM Wt0.0, WAR RNG ROG/All -ND Effect: Haste Temple of Veeshan,
Eashen of the Sky
Raid event
Fist of Lightning 41% 1HB 15/18 SEC, 8str 8agi 8dex 10svM Wt0.0, MNK/All -ND Effect: Haste Temple of Veeshan,
Eashen of the Sky
Raid event
Rocksmasher 41% 2HB 47/41 PRI, 35AC 25sta 100hp Wt0.0, WAR PAL SHD/All Effect: Haste Temple of Veeshan,
Raid event
Serrated Dragon Tooth 41% Pierce 13/18 PRI/SEC/RANGE, 30AC 10sta 10agi 10dex 12svAll Wt0.0, WAR PAL RNG SHD MNK BRD ROG/All -ND Effect: Haste Temple of Veeshan,
Test of Tooth
Raid event

Weapon Proc Haste (Buff Haste)

Item Haste Other Stats Zone,Mob Notes
Earthen Blade 26% 2HS 26/50 PRI, Wt8.5, WAR/All Effect: Haste The Hole Level for Effect: 25 short duration
Executioner's Axe 31% 2HS 25/50 PRI, Wt8.5, WAR/All Effect: Haste Lower Guk,
a ghoul executioner
Level for Effect: 30 short duration
Singing Short Sword 55%
1HS 16/26 PRI/SEC, Wt2.0, BRD/All -ND 15str 10sta 10dex 15cha 10svAll 50hp Effect: Dance of the Blade Bard Epic Quest Level for Effect: 46 Increase STR by 30 Increase ATK by 30
Nature's Melody 60%
Pierce 15/19 PRI/SEC, Wt1.0, BRD/All -ND 20AC 10str 15sta 5agi 10cha 13svM/F/C 100hp Effect: Song of the Deep Sea's Plane of Growth,
Increase AC by 15 Increase STR by 30 Increase AGI by 30
Siren Song, Dagger of the Sea 60% (Group)
Pierce 15/22 PRI/SEC, Wt4.5, BRD/All -ND 15AC 10str 7cha 7svAll 70hp Effect: Song of the Deep Sea's ToV - North,
Lord Koi'Doken
Increase AC by 15 Increase STR by 30 Increase AGI by 30

Songs and Spells (Buff Haste)

Haste Level/Class Spell/Song Duration Notes
5% BRD/50 Melody of Ervaj 18 seconds Drops in: Velketor's Labyrinth
10% BRD/60 Composition of Ervaj 18 seconds High Level Velious spell drop.
10% BRD/10 Anthem De Arms 18 seconds
11% MAG/56 Muzzle of Mardu Temporary Item Works on Pets only. Kunark spell drops.
20% BRD/36 Vilia's Verses of Celerity 18 seconds
18%(L42) - 23%(L60) BRD/42 McVaxius' Berserker Crescendo 18 seconds
21%(L57) - 22%(L60) BRD/57 McVaxius' Rousing Rondo 18 seconds
16%(L7) - 25%(L40) BRD/7 Jonthan's Whistling Warsong 18 seconds Self Only
22%(L29) - 28%(L52) ENC/29 Augmentation 27 minutes
30% BRD/50 Verses of Victory 18 seconds
28%(L16) - 30%(L20) SHM/29 ENC/16 Quickness 11 minutes
34%(L24) - 40%(L36) SHM/44 ENC/24 Alacrity 11 minutes
45% BRD/54 Vilia's Chorus of Celerity 18 seconds
43%(L56) - 45%(L60) ENC/56 Augment 36 minutes Drops from Kunark mobs
48%(L45) - 50%(L47) BRD/45 Jonthan's Provocation 18 seconds Self Only
47%(L39) - 50%(L44)

SHM/56 ENC/39

Celerity 16 minutes
58% ENC/60 Visions of Grandeur 42 minutes Drops from Kunark mobs


Swift Like The Wind 16 minutes
61%(L58) - 63%(L60) BRD/58 Jonthan's Inspiration 18 seconds Self Only
64% ENC/53 Aanya's Quickening 24 minutes
66% ENC Epic Speed of the Shissar 20.5 minutes Enchanter Epic
70% ENC/58 Wonderous Rapidity 20.5 minutes

Calculation Examples

Weapon Dmg/Dly Haste Item(s)
Name Percent
Wurmslayer 25/40 FBSS 21% 40/1.21 = 33.05 25/33
Wurmslayer 25/40 Celerity 50% 40/1.50 = 26.66 25/27
Wurmslayer 25/40 RBB 31% + Celerity 50% 40/1.81 = 22.09 25/22
Lamentation 9/19 FBSS 21% 19/1.21 = 15.70 9/16
Lamentation 9/19 COF 36% 19/1.36 = 13.97 9/14
Lamentation 9/19 COF 36% + Celerity 50% 19/1.86 = 10.21 9/10
Celestial Fists 9/16 FBSS 21% 16/1.21 = 13.22 9/13
Celestial Fists 9/16 CF 40% + COF 36% 16/1.76 = 9.09 9/9