Do regular dental cleanings improve dental health?

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Most often people don’t understand the importance of oral hygiene and take it very lightly that’s why dental problems have become very common whether it is an adult, or it is a kid, or anyone of different age. So, it is high time that people should understand its importance. They should follow daily routine care including brushing and flossing. Also, they should go for a regular dental checkup as the dentists help to keep their teeth and gums healthy. They should have a regular dental visit at least twice a year. There, dentists will check your teeth for cavities and they might take your teeth X-ray if it is necessary. They will also let you know if there is a plaque building up inside your mouth that can lead to serious dental problems.

In regular dental checkups, the professionals will check on your teeth and gums and do teeth cleaning if it is required so that your problems don't become bigger.

If your teeth have become stained and very dirty that you are feeling conscious about it you should consider the dental hygienist cleaning teeth to get rid of the problem.

The Dental Cleaning Near Me can determine whether you require a normal cleaning or a deep cleaning after examining your teeth. In a normal dental cleaning appointment, a dental professional takes thirty to sixty minutes in the procedure of teeth cleaning to keep your teeth and gums clean. During the procedure, the dentist polishes your teeth and removes the stains using a handheld electric tool attached to the rubber prophy cup with a prophylaxis paste. You can feel a slow grinding motion on the teeth during the process. Then, he/she flosses your teeth to remove any left part of paste and plaque.

But if you have any periodontal disease, or if you have bone loss or teeth inflammation, or tartar has built up under the gumline, then the hygienist will recommend a dental deep cleaning.

The dental deep cleaning SRP refers to the gum therapy in which the professionals consider the gum scaling and root planing to clean between the teeth and below the gum line. The therapy is recommended to patients who are suffering from periodontal disease.

During the teeth cleaning procedure, the dentists clean the front, back, and side of the tooth.

The same procedure is rewound in deep cleaning but in it, the dentists also continue down to the root of the tooth beneath the gumline for removing the tartar and other build-up dirt from the pocket that has been stayed between the teeth roots and gums.

A healthy set of teeth and gums have the space of approximately three millimeters or less but if you are having gingivitis or other gum problems the space between them will become wider, that condition also requires deep teeth cleaning.


Deep teeth cleanings normally take two or more visits to the dental office. At the first appointment, the dentist will do gum scaling and at the second visit, he/she will proceed with the root planing. During the procedure, the dentist will numb your mouth using local anesthesia. But the patient will need to visit the dental office for several weeks to follow up on the procedure so that it can be ensured that the results of cleaning are satisfactory and everything is healing properly.

The procedure is not as expensive as dental cleaning cost Houston ranges between $150 to $350 without insurance.