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Each class may embark on their own epic quest that will reward a unique epic weapon appropriate to its class. Epic quests are generally very long and difficult with many steps requiring you to group with other players to slay powerful creatures and adventure into the highest-level dungeons

Class epic quests were introduced shortly after the release of Kunark, modeled after the Paladin Fiery Avenger Quest. The original announcement was:

*New Epic Quests*
We are pleased to announce that we have implemented new "Fiery Avenger" 
style quests for every class in the game (including paladins). The 
ultimate reward for each quest boasts a custom model with unique 
particle effects. We think that you will be pleased.
Good luck to everyone on your quest.

Class Epic Quests

Class Reward
Bard Epic Quest 28px Singing Short Sword
Cleric Epic Quest 28px Water Sprinkler of Nem Ankh
Druid Epic Quest 28px Nature Walkers Scimitar
Enchanter Epic Quest 28px Staff of the Serpent
Magician Epic Quest 28px Orb of Mastery
Monk Epic Quest 28px Celestial Fists
Necromancer Epic Quest 28px Scythe of the Shadowed Soul
Paladin Epic Quest 28px Fiery Defender
Ranger Epic Quest 28px Swiftwind and Earthcaller
Rogue Epic Quest 28px Ragebringer
Shadow Knight Epic Quest 28px Innoruuk's Curse
Shaman Epic Quest 28px Spear of Fate
Warrior Epic Quest 28px Jagged Blade of War / Blade of Strategy and Blade of Tactics
Wizard Epic Quest 28px Staff of the Four


For each class epic quest there are three walkthroughs:

  • bare-bones checklist (1.0 from Jilsis) (mirror here)
  • medium-length walkthrough (1.0 from eqthieves)
  • long walkthrough with dialogue (1.0 from allakhazam)

Some classes have more in-depth guides (with screenshots, full dialogue, etc) linked as additional resources.

I would like to add a picture of the first epic of each class with its owner on p1999 to this page, when the time comes.

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