What are some of the inspection tasks performed by solar panel maintenance companies?

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Solar panel systems need regular inspections and maintenance to keep them function properly and efficiently. It helps to monitor the condition of the components of the system so that they can be repaired timely if needed. Also, it will prevent the components to prevent scaling, corrosion, and freezing. If you are looking for your solar system to be repaired, contact solar panel repair companies near me immediately.


 Users should also know some basic steps to handle some of the maintenance work on their own to reduce some amount of maintenance costs.

Inspection tasks performed by Solar Panel Maintenance Companies:


Some of the inspection tasks are discussed below:


Collector shading:


They check for shading of the collectors during the day annually. Shading affects the performance of solar collectors. It is likely to happen the growth of vegetation over time, or newly constructed property can produce shading after the collectors were installed.


Dusty Collectors:


If the collectors are dusty or soiled that will directly affect the performance of them. This condition requires periodic cleaning to improve the efficiency of the collectors.


Care of Collector coating and seals:


The solar repair and maintenance company observes if there are cracks on the panels or if the seals are in proper conditions, or the coating over the panels is in good condition. Because, if the coating is excessively yellow in color, it may require replacement.   


Monitor for leakage and wiring connections:


Solar repair and maintenance near me will monitor if there is any leakage at pipe connections. Also, they will check duct attachments and seals as it is essential to be sealed with a mastic compound. Additionally, all wire connections should not be loose.


Inspection of Piping, duct, and wiring insulation:


solar service companies near me observe if there is any damage or degradation of insulation covering pipes, wiring, and ducts. 


Check support system:


Professionals at Solar repair companies check whether all nuts and bolts connected to the collectors are tightly fit.


Pumps or blowers:


They see whether the distribution pumps or blowers are functioning properly or not. As you can hear the sound when the pump is working, and if you don’t hear anything which means there either the controller has failed or the pump or the blower has stopped working.


Heat transfer solutions:


Liquid Solar heating collectors contain antifreeze solutions that are needed to be replaced from time to time. If a high mineral content water is distributed in the collectors there may be a buildup of minerals in the pipes that are required to be eliminated by adding a mild acidic solution to the water every few years.


Apart from inspection, the solar repair and maintenance companies complete the process of cleaning if required. They use a sprinkler system to clean the solar panels effectively. After the completion of the cleaning process, they will wipe off the property leaving no stains behind. Additionally, they keep the record of the maintenance work in the logbook so that they can compare the results of cleaning and maintenance.

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