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requests/messages the higher the chance that the brain will perform nicely and concurrently will fulfill the wishes of "i" as well. Your brain is your most prized ownership. Neuro Smart IQ It is the master organ of your body. Our mind receives messages from our eyes, ears, nose and skin that lets us know what's taking vicinity in our environment. The mind, being the grasp organ of the frame gets a consistent flow or circulation of indicators from different body organs that permit it to govern our lifestyles tactics. The brain controls our heart beats. Have you ever ever notion approximately what takes place when you blink your eye? Nicely, whenever you blink your eye, the brain should first ship a message to the muscle groups of the eyelids. All of our feelings, including love, hate, anger and fear start on the mind. You have to be careful what you allow your brain to transmit, because you could be transmitting poor signals so one can create poor results. What happens while the system of your brain is no longer functioning, due to a mind injury? The .