What Are The Twin Baby Symptoms Week by Week?

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A mother conceives twins in a different way than a single baby. Twins start forming from the beginning of conception. When either two eggs are released by a woman’s ovary or fertilized by two separate sperm such types of twins are known as non-identical, fraternal, or dizygotic twins. Moreover, if one egg is fertilized by single sperm but gets split into identical halves, they are known as identical, non-fraternal, or monozygotic twins. Women pregnant with twins have similar symptoms in the beginning to the others who are carrying a single baby.

Identical twins share identical genetic structures and characteristics. Also, they belong to the same gender. On the other hand, non-identical twins can look different and be of the opposite gender.

How to know if I have twins or not?

Most often, it is never clear in the early weeks of a woman’s pregnancy what type of twins she is carrying. Only an ultrasound can detect the variety of twins, present in the womb of a pregnant woman. Most mothers are unknown about the fact until their twins are born and their placentas and membranes are examined.

During a twin’s baby pregnancy, babies either may share an amniotic sac or each baby will grow in its own separate one. It will depend on the types of baby a mother is having. In the same way, the babies may share a placenta or each have their own. But each baby will own its amniotic cord separately. Rarely, it might be possible to have separate amniotic sacs as well.

Non-identical twins also own their separate placentas because they are conceived from two completely separate eggs. Such types of twins are different from identical twins who share a common placenta.

However, most women experience the same things as the others but every woman and her twin pregnancy will be different. It is so because Genetics, environment, size, and previous obstetric history all play an important part. You can know all about having a twin pregnancy and how it varies week by week.

Twin Pregnancy Week by Week:

The first trimester:

Twin pregnancy first trimester is the first three months of pregnancy. The first trimester is a time when the early symptoms of pregnancy can be so exaggerated in women with twins. A woman is carrying twins or not, it can be determined only by the ultrasound.

Symptoms of twins in the first trimester:

● Immediate expansion in the uterus.

● Gaining weight.

● Extreme nausea and vomiting

● Tender breasts.

● Increased frequency in urination.

● Severe Tiredness.

● Appetite fluctuations.

● Sensitivity to certain foods and smells.

The second trimester:

The second trimester remains from week fourteen to week twenty-seven. This period is often the most enjoyable of the three trimesters because during this time nausea, vomiting, and fatigue has been settled and the size of the uterus is reasonably comfortable.

The third trimester:

The third-trimester pregnancy with twins remains between the time of twenty-eight weeks to forty weeks of pregnancy. At this time, a woman can know whether she is pregnant with one or more babies. There can seem to have a neat little bulge at the front and others appear to carry a pregnancy side by side.

The following mentioned information may help to clear all doubts regarding twin baby pregnancy.