Twin Pregnancy Week By Week: A Closer Look At Twins’ Development

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Being pregnant with twins is a bit different when compared to a normal pregnancy. You have to be prepared for extra vitamins and more significant weight gain during the pregnancy which is to be expected. It is essential to ingest all required vitamins and minerals for a natural twin birth.

Identical/Non-identical twins:

Twins can be either non-identical or identical. In non-identical twin pregnancies, two sperm cells have fertilized two different eggs. On the other hand, if only one sperm cell fertilizes one egg and the fertilized egg splits up, it results in identical twins.

Twin pregnancy week by week:

Twin pregnancy first trimester:

Ladies pregnant with twins might experience more significant levels of nausea in their beginning trimester. Some girls may find a rapid development rate of the uterus which is a definite indication of having twins. They also have a risk of premature labor, high blood pressure, and diabetes.

Second Trimester Twins:

In this trimester twins, the moms-to-be show their bumps sooner and this is the time when others suspect you are carrying twins.

Twin Baby Development:

In this period each baby’s sex organs will start to develop this time. But the gender specification might not be until eighteen to twenty weeks. The twins’ eyes will be in motion at this time. However, their eyes are still joined but around sixteen weeks your babies can slowly make movements with their eyes behind the lids. Eyebrows and eyelashes have developed too. Moreover, you will be able to experience the babies’ activities inside the womb.

Third-trimester pregnancy with twins:

In the third trimester, the mother may feel more aches and pains including Hip and pelvic pain which is gone when babies are born. However, you may feel numbness in your feet or legs. The babies’ eyes will open, hair will start to shed, the brain will develop, and bone starts hardening.

What kind of things will you go through during the whole pregnancy period?

● Your doctor will certainly see you more often than ladies with only one little one throughout pregnancy. Backache due to the amount of weight in front carrying the twins along with sleeping difficulties and getting comfortable in bed at nighttime can be challenging.

● Throughout the pregnancy, your obstetrician is going to keep a close eye on you. Women getting pregnant with twins are actually susceptible to anemia. The growth of the two fetuses will take the iron from your body which may cause you to be anemic. That is why it is necessary to take some additional iron if needed. Besides iron, having enough protein is necessary in order to keep illnesses away.

● Despite all challenges in twin pregnancies, it is a delightful present to have two tots at the same time. It doesn't matter if you gain a little bit more weight or you have to visit your obstetrician more regularly, the end result makes it all well worth it.

● When your pregnancy is getting further, you will certainly have more and more ultrasounds. In this way, it is made sure that everything is ok with the tots. Occasionally ultrasound is actually required every week to check their position and condition in your womb.

● C-sections are much more common when delivering twins due to the positioning of the tots. Vaginal delivery with twins would certainly depend on the mass of the babies, the positioning in the stomach, and their overall health.

● Labor might be longer than usual with twins but the delivery of the two little ones is actually normally within a minute of each other. Once the twins have been born, the usual complete checkup is instantly performed making sure their health, weight, eyes, body, fingers, and toes are all working fine.

Now it will be time to hold each of the twins, one in each arm, and bask in the glory of life-giving birth to two adorable healthy, and balanced tiny ones.