How are Varicose Veins and Spider Veins treated?

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Veins are flexible blood vessels of the circulatory system that help carry the bloodstream to the heart. When your body muscles contract the valves allow blood to move through veins. When your muscles relax the valves close and allow blood flow in one direction through them. When they come closer to the heart, their size becomes bigger. If the valves inside the veins are damaged, it causes the leakage of blood backward or flows in both directions resulting in venous diseases.  This condition requires the immediate attention of vein treatment river oaks.

Types of Venous Diseases:   Varicose and spider veins Blood clots Deep vein thrombosis Superficial venous thrombosis or phlebitis Chronic venous insufficiency Ulcers   If you are suffering from any one of these diseases you should see vein treatment near me river oaks.   Varicose and spider veins   Varicose veins are expanded and sore veins with the appearance of blue or dark purple. They are caused due to damaged valves resulting in blood flow in the wrong way. Sometimes they cause pain and discomfort.  You can get all kinds of treatments at varicose vein treatment Houston.   Spider veins are also damaged veins that can be seen on the outer core of the legs or face. Usually, they don’t cause any pain or discomfort but some people wish to eliminate them due to cosmetic reasons. The appearance of spider veins may be blue, purple, or red in the form of thin and flat lines making webs. You can get rid of them at spider vein treatment near me.   Treatments for Varicose Veins And Spider Veins:   Medical procedures Compression Changed LifeStyles Medicines     Procedures for spider vein treatment and varicose vein treatment :   Your doctor may recommend medical procedures after a thorough examination to know the current status of the veins.   Endovenous ablation:   Doctors at varicose vein treatment near me recommend the surgery if you have large or severe varicose veins. During the procedure, they use laser light or radio-frequency waves to close off a varicose vein.

Professional at varicose vein treatment near me Houston numb the neighboring area of the vein so that you don’t feel any pain and perform the procedure to cure this venous disease.   Sclerotherapy :   During this procedure, your doctor will inject chemical agents in liquid or foam form into the vein to get it closed. It is also performed using the ultrasound technique. Usually, the liquid form is used to cure spider veins.   Surgery:    Doctors may make small incisions to eliminate smaller varicose veins near the skin’s surface. If the veins are larger and deeper, they may use tools to attach and remove them while performing the procedure, also known as ligation or striping. You may need medicines during the procedure to make you sleep as it can cause more pain and a long recovery time. It can cause some complications like infection, nerve damage, bruising, pain, etc but chances are rare.   Your doctors can recommend making some changes in your lifestyles to prevent or relieve the symptoms of these venous diseases like maintaining a healthy weight, avoid prolonged standing or sitting, etc.      Article source:-