Are You Finding The Best Nearest Teeth Whitening Dentist In Houston?

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Brushing and flossing regularly are the way to keep your teeth look bright, white, healthy, and hygiene. Still, if you might feel embraced to show your smile because of yellow teeth. Then it’s okay, you’re not alone. You simply need Teeth Whitening Houston Tx. The best way to get teeth whitening to find the Best Cosmetic Dentist Houston and make an appointment.

Thinking about cosmetic teeth whitening? Get the facts first about the process. In this article, you can get detailed information about the cost, different treatment options available, and more.

What are the Common Causes of Tooth Discolorations?

Discoloration or stained teeth can happen to anyone, even you brush and floss regularly. Stains are not because of not brushing or flossing regularly but the other factors. Here the causes are defined have a look-

- Food/Drinks: Eating food such as pasta, curry, or drinking beverages like tea, wine, and coffee that stain your teeth are the cause of teeth staining.

- Use of Tobacco: Smoking or chewing tobacco can cause stains on the teeth. Tar and tobacco two chemicals that can cause teeth staining

- Aging: As you grow, the outer enamel layer gets thinner with brushing and flossing and that can produce yellowing teeth.

- Medications: Some medications have been known to discolor the teeth, especially antihistamines, antipsychotics, and high blood pressure medications

What are the various treatment options available for Teeth Whitening Houston?

For teeth whitening, there are several options available, talk to your Cosmetic Dentistry Houston Tx, and get detailed information to put the shine and brightness back on your smile:

1. Take-home trays

Your teeth whitening near me will provide you with custom-fitted trays that are the most recommended option. In this case, your dentist will give you all detailed instructions on how to place these custom-fitted bleaching trays and how long you can put this. This is easiest and preferable, you can do at-home at an affordable price. These custom trays are made to match your unique smile, the whitening solution can form to your natural teeth, giving you the brightest results possible. Also, these custom trays are created to protect your gums from irritation, creating your whitening experience both effective and pleasant.

2. Stain Removal Toothpaste

Use toothpaste that helps remove surface discoloration through scrubbing the teeth. Take stain removal toothpaste that is ADA approved, it is more effective. Find the best Cosmetic dentistry near me and services are done.

3. In-office bleaching

In-office bleaching is just required only one time visit at the dental clinic. The dentists will apply either bleaching gel to your gums or protect your gum with a rubber shield. This procedure is called chairside bleaching. However, tooth sensation tends to be more common when using an in-office bleaching system and may not be the best option for everyone.

4. Over-the-counter whitening

The other option is whitening stips that are the most effective over-the-counter method of whitening. This option is only prescribed by a dentist and can only be customized and formed to an initial extent. However, whitening toothpaste can be a great alternative, but only if you get to discuss it with the best Teeth Whitening Dentist Near Me.