Need help with VS faction

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Need help with VS faction

Post by Crusader777 » Mon Sep 30, 2019 2:02 pm

My character is a Iksar necro wanting to upgrade faction in Overthere by doing the Sarnak war braid quest from Capt Rotgrime. Problem is I am KOS in both
normal and skel form...which was not the case on EQ live or EQ P1999... skel form was ok to obtain the quest and turn in braids to raise faction...until I was
able to bnak there, trade and obtain spells, as well as the Workers Sledgemallet.
I need help in finding a way to get the quest and turn in my 100+ war braids. I was told that in skel form and invis v undead I could approach Capt "Rotgrime and get the quest but would lose invis when I turned in any braids and would be swarmed by him and his army.
At this point I welcome any tips/tricks/suggestions on how to accomplish this since the devs have changed skel form from indifferent to KOS for this quest.


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