Trade Skill cap 250/200

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Trade Skill cap 250/200

Post by Jarroll » Mon Nov 04, 2019 4:06 pm

Classic EQ you could have 1 tradeskill go over 200 to 250 and all subsequent tradeskills would then cap at 200. During Luclin, AA were added that let you buy additional tradeskill caps up to 250 ending with all tradeskill caps being able to get to 250.

Given the lower population of the server, would it make sense to allow all tradeskills to go to 250?

Reasons for:
allow non-altaholics the ability to level all tradeskills to useable levels
possibly allow for less failures during coldain ring combines during Velious (believe some of the trivials on combines are over 200 on multiple tradeskills)

Reasons against:
solution in search of problem (ie. not an issue that needs any attention)

Anyone else have any opinion on the topic?

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