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Tickets Forum

Post by bread » Mon Apr 08, 2019 6:07 pm

I have created a new forum for Tickets here: Tickets Forum

This forum is for submitting requests to the EQR Staff for assistance. Posts made in the Tickets forum will only be visible to the original poster and EQR Staff.

Please post as much information as possible regarding your request.


For IP exemptions, we require the following:

- IP Address: (you can find this by typing whatsmyip into google or going to like
- Account Names: List all account names that will be making use of this IP exemption
- Reason: Please provide an explanation as for why you want this exemption including the number of people and accounts you intend to have sharing the same IP address.
- Acknowledgment: Please state your understanding of the fact that by requesting an IP exemption you agreeing to the fact that you will be under additional scrutiny for suspicious behavior.
For example: Leaving characters AFK in groups gaining experience is NOT allowed for characters making use of an IP exemption. If you look suspicious it is likely your IP exemption will be revoked. You are being given a means to circumvent the server rules and any abuse or apparent abuse of this will not be tolerated.

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