[Faction] New character GM note turn-ins

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[Faction] New character GM note turn-ins

Post by ZenBlade » Mon Aug 12, 2019 7:40 pm

So I haven't tested every single class/city combo, but I did try 4-5 of them and every single one of the initial note turn-ins to the class GM gives incorrect faction hits. With exception to the Ashen Order monk guild in FP which was fixed in a previous post of mine, I can confirm that the following do not give correct initial faction hits:

Silent Fist Clan (Qeynos Monks)
Swifttails (Iksar Monks)
Wizards in Felwithe or Neriak
Enchanters in Felwithe
Warriors in Oggok
Enchanter in Neriak

Confimed with correct faction hits on GM note turn-in:

Iksar SK

I'll update this post with others as I confirm them, but I suspect nearly all of them were likely bugged with whatever Emu update affected them. (Kunark launch I believe)

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