Sneak/Hide in Kunark

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Sneak/Hide in Kunark

Post by Shiv » Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:01 pm

Sneak/Hide seems to be bugged. The mobs will con indifferent, but still agro randomly. I've noticed this in CoM and Sebilis so far.

Just happened again in Seb:

(Knights see through invis, but not through sneak/hide. Shamans and wizards see through sneak/hide, but not invis. I remember NOTHING seeing through sneak/hide in Sebilis.) Invis myself, then sneak/hide and start making my way down to NG area. All mobs con indifferent from the front or back side of the mob, nothing is agro, but when I walked by the 3 spawn, a Knight that previously con'd indifferent started attacking me.

In CoM:

Sneak/Hide with no failure messages. Go into the front castle door (picklock) and through either door on the back of the room. Ride the elevator up (picklock) - all while still sneak/hide is active. Get to the top of the elevator and con the mobs - all indifferent, but immediately get agro. No message stating that sneak or hide wore off/failed/etc.

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Re: Sneak/Hide in Kunark

Post by Erekai » Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:19 pm

I have noticed similar things. Specifically got my "You have hidden yourself from view" message, as well as indifferent con mobs, yet still get aggroed. While I haven't personally had issues in CoM, I have indeed had issues in Sebilis with mobs seeing through Hide that normally wouldn't. Seems pretty borked.

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Re: Sneak/Hide in Kunark

Post by Rizkor » Mon Jul 15, 2019 2:35 pm

I too have had problems when I have Invis on and sneak/hide. Mostly when invis drops, it seems like my hide/sneak stops working and that is when I get agro. Also all the mobs seeing hide/sneak in Seb is very annoying. Thanks.

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